Cleveland Kurentovanje

Cleveland Kurentovanje (koo-rahn-toh-VAHN-yay), a Slovenian-infused Mardi Gras festival, is a carnival event that has been celebrated in Slovenia for the past 50 years, connecting culture, arts, and people from all over Europe. Cleveland Kurentovanje is filled with costumes, a parade, ethnic food and drink, free musical and cultural performances, and authentic Kurents. The central figure of the carnival, the Kurent, is believed to chase away winter and usher in spring with its supernatural powers. Since it’s conception in 2013, Cleveland Kurentovanje has been held in the historical Slovenian immigrant neighborhood of St. Clair-Superior and has seen exponential growth with thousands in attendance each year. For 2018, Cleveland Kurentovanje presents four days of cultural and celebratory events:


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