Slovenian Cultural Garden August 16, 2017

Our contractors were out in full force today for a much needed facelift at the Slovenian Cultural Garden. We should be all systems go for ONE WORLD DAY.


Phil Hrvatin

SlovenianGardenAug16_2017_001 600px SlovenianGardenAug16_2017_002 600px SlovenianGardenAug16_2017_003 600px SlovenianGardenAug16_2017_004 600px SlovenianGardenAug16_2017_004a 600px SlovenianGardenAug16_2017_005 600px SlovenianGardenAug16_2017_006 600px SlovenianGardenAug16_2017_007 600px SlovenianGardenAug16_2017_008 600px SlovenianGardenAug16_2017_009 600px SlovenianGardenAug16_2017_010 600px SlovenianGardenAug16_2017_011 600px

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