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Source: By Brady Slater  Apr 20, 2017 Duluth News Tribune


Outfitted in colorful Slovenian garb, Tom Sersha and John Susnik shared a laugh about how they came to acquire their attire.

Both men — Sersha, 68, of Virginia, and Susnik, 78, of Duluth — got their handmade velvet vests by visiting the same woman near the border between Slovenia and Austria.

“I went up into the hills one day and found this older lady sitting by her home overlooking a pasture and she measured me up,” Susnik said.

“You have to be there for a week,” Sersha added. “She measures you one day and it’s ready a week later.”

The two men will serve as docents Friday, when the Duluth Depot and St. Louis County Historical Society open a new exhibit, “The Slovenian Impact on Minnesota’s Cultural Landscape.” A free reception is open to the public and will run from 5-7 p.m. The exhibit will be on display through May 31.

The exhibit features more than two dozen paintings by the late Iron Range artist Albin M. Zaverlin, from his collection titled, “Old Country Memories.” Additionally, the exhibit in the Great Hall showcases a series of detailed panels describing Slovenian culture and history, and a host of artifacts from the Roman Catholic Diocese of Duluth.

“These are the first loans from the Diocese of Duluth,” said Samantha Tubbs, collections manager and exhibition curator for the historical society. “We feel pretty special.”

The diocese artifacts once belonged to Slovenian missionaries Monsignor Joseph F. Buh and Bishop Frederic Baraga. Among the artifacts is a nearly 400-year-old missal filled with prayers. A black winter hood worn by the snowshoeing priests stands out as a highlight of the diocese artifacts.

“Father Baraga was known to go out in the dead of winter and visit people,” Tubbs said.

Slovenia was part of the former Yugoslavia and is a relatively tiny country of 2 million people sandwiched between eastern and western Europe. Its refugees fled unrest after World War I to settle in the Iron Range and Gary-New Duluth, where they worked the mines and steel mill, respectively.

Frank Bucar was 3 years old when his family fled the country to spend five years in a

Austrian refugee camp before being sponsored by the Catholic church and coming to America. The family settled in Gary-New Duluth, where the 70-year-old leader of the Singing Slovenes still resides.

“I grew up speaking two different languages and I didn’t even realize it,” said Bucar, whose group will perform during the exhibit opening. “I was speaking English outside with my friends and Slovenian in the home with my parents.”

In a sneak preview of the exhibit with the News Tribune on Thursday, Sersha walked and talked through the rich array of Zaverlin acrylics. The paintings feature lush emerald greens and the weathered faces of men tilling hillsides and women carrying mounds of hay on their backs.

“You can see by the looks in their faces they are hard-working and industrious people,” he said. “The women are fierce and tenacious and only let the men think they run the house.”

The Slovenians “love the soil,” Sersha said, describing how even today people will often come home from work to put on a smock and head for the garden.

The exhibit makes Sersha and Susnik each think of their grandparents and how proud they’d be to know their culture continues to be celebrated. The men brought artifacts of their own to display — Sersha the crucifix his grandmother left the country with and Susnik a button-box accordion that belonged to his grandfather.

Like Bucar who goes back to Slovenia annually, the two men have visited Slovenia multiple times. They’re fonts of information about the country and tend to only get tripped up when it comes to putting on their elaborate vests — each with 19 buttons.

“It was the first thing he asked me today,” Sersha said of Susnik. ” ‘Did you get all the buttons?’ I almost always get to the top and find I’ve missed one.”


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The Plain Dealer – A traditional Slovenian Easter



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Tree Planting Ceremony National Arboretum


April 7, 2017

The Embassy of Slovenia in Washington DC, together with representatives from the U.S. State Department and several diplomats commemorated the 25th Anniversary of the United States recognition of Slovenia as independent state. The main act of commemoration was the planting a Linden tree which is a symbol of Slovenia’s national heritage. The ceremony was held in the United States National Arboretum. A Linden tree was planted by Slovenian Ambassador Dr. Božo Cerar, Allan Wendt first United States Ambassador to Slovenia 1993 to 1995 and Joseph Mussomeli United States Ambassador to Slovenia 2010 to 2015. The timing of this event was symbolic, since the United States recognized Slovenia on April 7 1992. The ceremony concluded with a reception held at the Slovenian Embassy

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Slovenian Consular Office in Chicago NEWSLETTER



This newsletter is issued by the Slovenian Consular Office in Chicago. The purpose of this newsletter is to keep people in the Slovenian American communities of Illinois, Wisconsin and Indiana aware of current events that might be of interest. We welcome news especially of events and new arrivals to the local community. Email notices may be sent to the slovenianconsul.chicago@gmail.com.

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SCC Quarterly Newsletter #2, 2017

Click HERE for the newsletter


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St. Vitus Palm Sunday Dinner

St Vitus Dinner

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ASEF 4th Annual Gala


ASEF Co-founder Peter Rožič, S.J.and Ambassador of the Republic of Slovenia Božo Cerar

ASEF 4th Annual Gala

By  Petra Kocjan

Photos by Philip Hrvatin CLICK HERE FOR PHOTOS

A nation of 2 million people can have a great impact on the lives of people all over the world. Slovenians are a living proof of that.

Cleveland, March 25, 2017. 4th annual ASEF Gala was dedicated to American Slovenian inventors, innovators and educators, presented by Dr. Edi Gobec. He has spent most of his life diligently collecting and researching every person of Slovenian background that could be considered a candidate for ‘who is who’ in any field, and in American science and industry in particular. His book ’Slovenian American Inventors and Innovators’ is another of his attempts to honor and respect Slovenians who, with their work, had great impact not only on the lives of Slovenians, but of people all over the world.

»Slovenians only represent one tenth of a percent of population in the U.S. However, we have contributed 3% of senators and 3% of astronauts to the U.S.«, highlighted Dr. Gobec, clearly demonstrating that Slovenians have an important role in the American society.

One of the Slovenians we can be proud of and has had a great impact on technological development is Dr. France Rode, who was also present at the Gala. He was the lead inventor of the first sophisticated pocket-size HP-35 calculator, was involved in the development of first lap top, and holds numerous patents, including three for GPS.

Web004Having the Gala in Cleveland was a unique opportunity for the ASEF to reach broader Slovenian Community in the U.S. The event was enriched with Slovenian music performed by all male Slovenian singing group ‘Mi smo Mi’, based in Cleveland, Ohio.

Ambassador of the Republic of Slovenia Božo Cerar congratulated ASEF on its important work on establishing connection between Slovenia and the U.S. in the field of education and science, and spoke in the name of distinguished sponsor Borut Pahor, President of the Republic of Slovenia, who expressed his outmost support to the work of the foundation.

With an aim to enable even more students to follow their dreams and strengthen their expertise, ASEF has been growing its fellowship program. This year there are already 20 positions open with 20 different professors at prominent U.S. universities. In addition, up to two students from the US will be able to go to Slovenia and work with professors there. Ryan, who will go to Slovenia this summer to work with Dr. Borut Ṥkodlar at the University Medical Center Ljubljana, expressed his gratitude and excitement to be given this opportunity with the ASEF.Web003

Thomas Brandi, ASEF President, explained the fellowship program as a two way bridge, connecting Slovenia and the U.S. through education. One lane, the one from Slovenia to the U.S. is already developed and is growing each year. The other lane, from U.S. to Slovenia, is being built in a greater extent.

Jure Leskovec, ASEF Co-founder, underlined the need to expand the fellowship program for American students, and therefore invited Slovenian professors, families, and companies, to open their door to students. The program is being very well accepted in the U.S., growing from 9 fellows last year to 20 in 2017, and they wish for the same trend in Slovenia.

ASEF fellowship program is changing lives, not only the ones of students, whose worldviews get changed, but also for the hosting families, who take students in their homes. This way students do not only get the professional and research experience, but also the experience of American way of life. Web002Therefore, Peter Rožič, S.J., the ASEF Co-founder, encourages everyone with the ability and will, to host Slovenian students in the U.S.

ASEF Gala and fellowship program could not be possible without the help of donors:

AMLA, Thomas J. and Carol S. Brandi, Jure Leskovec, KSKJLIFE and others.

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The 41st Cleveland International Film Festival (CIFF41)


March 03, 2017

CIFF41 Announces Program Line-Up

The 41st Cleveland International Film Festival (CIFF41), presented by Dollar Bank, has announced its program line-up at clevelandfilm.org. CIFF41 will take place March 29-April 9, 2017 at Tower City Cinemas and select neighborhood screening locations. The Festival will showcase 202 feature films and 216 short films representing 71 countries during its 12-day run. Be sure to continue to check clevelandfilm.org for program updates between now and
April 9th.

Tickets go on sale to members Friday, March 10th at 11:00 a.m. and to the general public on Friday, March 17th at 11:00 a.m. Not a member? Become one by visiting clevelandfilm.org/membership or by calling 216.623.3456.

Ticket are $14 per screening for CIFF members and $16 per screening for non-members. Once on sale, tickets can be purchased online (clevelandfilm.org), by telephone (1.877.304.FILM),
in-person at the Film Festival Box Office located in the lobby of Tower City Cinemas, or by mail using the Program Guide order form.

Program Guides will be mailed to CIFF members and available throughout the area, including all Dollar Bank branches, the week of March 6th.


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It’s time for “Krofe”!

krofe frying

Slovenians around the world know that when Lent approaches, then kitchens begin turning out the traditional Slovenian delight known as “Krofe” (pronounced kraw-feh). AMLA Lodge 8 Member, Vida Zak has been making krofe by the hundreds with her sisters and friends for decades. The video at the link below gives you a quick view at the process… Video

You can also download the KROFE recipe she uses… Recipe

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